Arthur Forrest, DDS

Arthur Forrest, DDS

Director of Dentistry

Dr. Arthur T. Forrest has earned the title “Top Cosmetic Dentist in Chino” for a reason. Your Doctor has perfected the fine blend of science and artistry to create beautiful smiles to last. With a perfectionist mindset, and a meticulous touch, Dr. Forrest continues to “Wow” his patients with his lifetime devotion to the Art of Dentistry.

Dr. Forrest is a graduate of The University of Southern California, (USC) School of Dentistry (Class of 1978). He have been in private practice dentistry for 35 years. His first private practice was located Pomona, CA before he became the primary Dentist in Chino. His practice was relocated and became a Chino Dentist because it better fit the quality of his ‘un-rushed perfectionist’ dentistry.

Your dentist specializes in quality, dental restorative excellence with esthetic harmony. Because he enjoy his work so much, Dr. Forrest loves to challenge his self to achieve the finest technical quality in dentistry and clinical excellence available. All of his patients deserve the very best.

Only 5% of general dentists perform adult and children fixed braces orthodontics. Only 3% of general dentists restore with Dental Implants in Chino. Less than 15% of general dentists perform soft tissue reconstructive and bone regenerative periodontal surgery. Only 35% of general dentists do all phases of endodontic root canal therapy including surgery. And finally, less than 10% of general dentists do 100% of their restorative treatments with White Fillings and Porcelain Veneers (technique sensitive, long-lasting materials).

I’m not sure how small is the calculated % for a general dentist like Dr. Forrest, who does ALL of the above procedures in his practice! This puts your dentist in a new sub-specialist called, Super-Dentist”.   


1.   Appearance:      (I want you to look as natural and beautiful as possible.)

2.   Comfort:            (I want you to feel good and function good with your dental restorations.)

3.   Security:            (I want your restorations securely built and for them to last a long time.) 

Together as a team, (dentist, patient and dental staff), can solve your most perplexing dental problems, and create the beautiful smile you deserve and need. We are looking forward to meeting you soon!

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